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Current Series: X: ten principles for life
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IX: Don’t Tell Lies
This week's message: "Accessing the Advantage of Telling the Truth"
08/24/2014 Watch the Video
VIII: Don’t Steal
.The 8th commandment simply states: "You shall not steal." However, it's not just a command for bank robbers and shoplifters. In this message Pastor Charlie highlights some of the ways that we can each be guilty of theft & what we are to do about it.
08/17/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
VII: How to Have an Affair
The seventh commandment simply states: "You shall not commit adultery." If you're dead-set on not heeding this commandment, Pastor Charlie, in this message, offers 5 tips on 'How To Have An Affair.' For those who do want to heed the commandment, and reap the rewards that come with doing so, the message also offers practical tips on how to affair-proof your marriage.
08/10/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
VI: Don’t murder
The six commandment deals with murder... but it also deals with the deeper issue: anger. In this message, Micah Tuten, talks about how anger and murder relate to one another and how we can find freedom from anger.
08/03/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
V: Honor your parents
The fifth commandment deals with honoring one's parents. What does this commandment mean for someone in the 21st century? How does this apply to adults or to those with flawed parents?
07/27/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
IV: Remember The Sabbath
What's the 4th commandment, the one about 'Sabbath', all about? In this message Pastor Mike Taylor discusses what this commandment teaches us, and how we can seek-out and find the rest we desire and need.
07/20/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
III: Do not misuse God’s name
What does it really mean to 'take the name of God in vain?' In this message, Pastor Jeff Nicolette talks about what the 3rd commandment means to us.
07/13/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
II: Don’t worship idols
In the second commandment, we're warned agains idolatry. It's tempting for us to think of this as a problem of earlier cultures and one that might not have much application for us today. In this message, we examine what this command means for us now, in 21st century America.
07/06/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio


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