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Current Series: X: ten principles for life
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IV: Remember The Sabbath
What's the 4th commandment, the one about 'Sabbath', all about? In this message Pastor Mike Taylor discusses what this commandment teaches us, and how we can seek-out and find the rest we desire and need.
07/20/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
III: Do not misuse God’s name
What does it really mean to 'take the name of God in vain?' In this message, Pastor Jeff Nicolette talks about what the 3rd commandment means to us.
07/13/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
II: Don’t worship idols
In the second commandment, we're warned agains idolatry. It's tempting for us to think of this as a problem of earlier cultures and one that might not have much application for us today. In this message, we examine what this command means for us now, in 21st century America.
07/06/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
I: I am the Lord your God, you shalt have no other gods before me
God tells us, in the Ten Commandments, that He alone is God. Jesus teaches us to approach, this same God, as both Lord & Father. In the Lord's Prayer, his example of how to pray, he teaches us how we relate to God.
06/29/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio
5 Things You Have to Know About the 10 Commandments
The Ten Commandments have served as the basis of law in many cultures. They are often referenced in culture and in Jesus' teachings. But, what do they mean for us in the 21st century? In this message, Pastor Charlie helps us to understand 5 key facts about the Ten Commandments.
06/22/2014 Watch the Video Listen to the Audio


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