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Community Church exists to help people Meet God, Meet Friends, and Live Life Better. These three core initiatives drive everything we do.

Meet God
We are devoted to the corporate celebration and instruction of God on the weekend. Down to our core, we believe in and are devoted to the local church…we believe it is the hope of the world. Everything we do on the weekend is prayerfully designed to introduce people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus. We anticipate that when the church gathers together, God speaks to us and we are empowered to change the world. Whether you are experiencing church for the first time, or have been part of a church for a long time, a weekend service at Community Church is an experience unlike any other.

Meet Friends
We are devoted to building life-changing relationships with people through small group participation. We believe that life is better when we are connected to other people. Our relationship with God isn’t intended to be done alone. Connect Groups are how we make our big church feel small and get people connected to one another. Get connected here.

Live Life Better
We are devoted to serving others. We believe that life is better lived in service to other people. Jesus came to serve, and so we believe we are called to lives of service. Whether you are serving at one of our weekend services or out in our community with one of our community partners, you life will never be the same. Start serving now.