High School

The High School Ministry of Community Church exists to help students live life better by wining increasing numbers of students to Christ and His Church.

The Secret Sauce of FE High:
The secret sauce of what makes our High School Ministry thrive is our volunteers. They pour time and energy into making FE High a fun, welcoming place. They care so deeply about you and your relationship with Jesus, and want to help you know him better! Our leaders help out on the weekends, lead our connect groups, mentor students one-on-one, and spend lots of time hanging out with students. They’re easily identified in our environments by their FE t-shirts! Come find a volunteer and introduce yourself!

We also have tons of students who serve in various capacities on the weekends and at our events. Students just like you do everything from greeting, running sound, graphic design, and helping plan special events! We are always looking for more students to help make FE High great!


Freshman Girls (Class of 2021)
Chelsea Stewart (stewartc722@gmail.com)
Lexi Vaughn (avaughn@virginia-academy.com)
Leticia Gehre (leticia.gehre@gmail.com)

Sophomore Girls (Class of 2020)
Sarita McNeill (1me.sm10@gmail.com)

Junior/Senior Girls (Classes of 2018/19)
Linda McDermott (jnlmcd@me.com)
Gisele Gehre (gi.gehre@gmail.com)

Freshman Guys (Class of 2021)
Cal Smith (rc.smith93@comcast.net)
Kyle Millinger (millingerkp@gmail.com)
Brandon Cheltenham (bcheltenham@govsci.com)
Antwaan Randle El (arandleel@virginia-academy.com)

Sophomore Guys (Class of 2020)
Kevin Friske (kfriske@virginia-academy.com)
Eric Foster (esfoster1@verizon.net)

Junior/Senior Guys (Classes of 2018/19)
Jim McDermott (mcd20708@comcast.net)
Charles Brecht (cbrecht@virginia-academy.com)

Support Roles:
Kevin & Cathy Cassidy (Cafe/Security)
Francisco & Lorena Morel (Cafe)
Chris Schweppe (Marketing)
Paul & Alex Irizarry (Leader Coordinators)

- We’re cheering you on! We want to be a supplement to the work you are doing in raising your kids in a Godly way. You are the heroes!
- We meet weekly from 6:00 - 9:00pm on Sundays for hanging out, service, and connect groups.
- Teenagers don’t always love talking to their parents. Let us fill in the gaps: Text FEParents to 84576 for our updates (via text & email).


Oct. 29 - Markhoff’s Haunted Forest: Sign Up Here

Nov 11 - Food Drive:
Sign up Here
*Service Hours approved event.